Live With Passion

A few years ago I stumbled upon a distressed plaque that said:

Live With Passion

I instantly fell in love with it. I loved the vintage look, I loved the saying, I loved the meaning behind the saying. Everything!

I wanted to buy it on the spot (somewhat of a rarity for me). But I didn’t. I left the store.  Empty handed. So I went back the next day ready to buy it, but it was already sold! I was totally crushed.

Fast forward 4 years later and I still love this saying! Absolutely love it, wish I had bought it when I saw it. I have no clue who said it or who came up with it but I love it! (P.S. If you know,  I will be happy to give them credit! Just tell me who to give it to)

I have never been able to find this saying on ANYTHING. So. I decided to make my own sign. No it is not on wood and no it is not distressed. But I like it. I like the simplicity of it. The message is sends me every time I look at it. And I am a bit obsessed with the background color right now 🙂

I still need to find a frame for it so once I do, I will put it in a frame and hang it in my office…



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