Chicken Mac ‘N’Cheese

There is an Irish Pub close to us that my hubby just LOVES. It is always in his top two choices of places to eat out at. One of my favorite dishes from there is the chicken macaroni and cheese. I found a simple mac’n’cheese recipe from recently and decided to use it as a guide. (I would rather change a recipe then make one from scratch, haha.)

So! In the spirit of Sunday = Pasta Night dishes (I’ve dictated certain themes for each night of the week so that it makes dinner planning easier) I made Chicken Mac’N’Cheese tonight! What’s not to love about pasta, oodles and oodles of cheese, and a little cream?

Here you go! Enjoy!

P.S. Feel free to substitute any cheese for your personal favorites 🙂

* Next time I make this I think I will reduce the milk/cheese mixture by half because this was too runny for my taste.

* The recipe card is from HP and is available for free.*


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