Change Happens Quickly

Why hello again! May was an insainly busy month for us! Let’s recap…

On 5/5/12, I achieved my 2012 New Years Resolution. I ran my first 1/2 marathon! That’s right – 13.1 miles ! It was exhilarating! And all I could think after the race was, “I just ran 13.1 miles. I’m done. I don’t have to run anymore today!” Quick shout out because I have to thank TW for training with me and subtly pushing me when I needed it. Thanks TW! And thanks to my family and The Family for their support and encouragement. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you surround yourself with positive people.

In early May, TW was offered a job in San Francisco! We decided to take the plunge, sell/pack our belongings, and buy one-way tickets to San Francisco! Seriously, this is one of the best decisions we have made. It’s been an awesome adventure so far.

The hardest part of moving to SF was saying goodbye to our friends. I’m thankful they still keep me in the loop 🙂 I’m planning of ways to get them out to SF soon. I’m thinking trips to wine country will do the trick 😉

Additionally, we celebrated my mom’s 50th birthday party by throwing her a surprise party! In total she had 4 surprises that night – 1) the party … 2) me and TW being there {she thought we were packing to move to SF, hence the pictures I would send her, haha} … 3) one of her best friends from TN came … 4) her dad came in from LA. Needless to say there was tears and she loved the whole party. Special thanks to my one of best friends Shanna for capturing her party too! Shanna recently started her own photography business and she graciously took pictures for us throughout the night. People say we look like twins – what do you think?

Well that about recaps our recent changes! I am hoping to post more once we get settled here in SF. For now, we’ll enjoy our little adventure called life.


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