Freebie Loving

I recently started learning how to use GIMP {it’s free to download!} and L.O.V.E. it! I cannot even remember the number of times I started/stopped projects. I was overwhelmed and not sure where to begin. I mean there are layers, masks, alpha selection commands, image size {which is not layer size! I seriously mistook

Until I found some free templates ! These were just the motivation I needed. I started learning the basics and eventually learned how to put a picture into a template. That was a huge accomplishment! I would highly recommend this tutorial if you would like to learn 🙂

As I continued learning, I realized there are many fabulous designers who offer free files of papers, brushes, and elements. It was like Pinterest, I couldn’t get enough! As I continue to learn GIMP, it’s powers, my creative side, and enjoy the process, I am so grateful to people who upload snippets of their hardwork so people like me can download and use it.

I’m quite proud of my first original work – I’m loving it:

The generosity of these artists inspires me, I hope you will visit them! – tons of artists & great resource!


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