Freezer Meals – my version

My version of freezer cooking doesn’t include a lot of “main course” meals per se, it’s more like appetizers and snacks. Sometimes I even pull out these appetizers and we eat them for dinner … eek! Now that I have confessed that, let me continue.

Recently I made chicken tacquitos, buffalo chicken wraps, jalapeno poppers, and jalapeno pizza bites. Everything froze well and we happily continue to eat them. I followed the major guidelines – I used freezer bags and let the foods freeze individually before packaging them together. I also managed to make some homemade chicken broth too – I was super excited about that. Probably more than I should have been… 🙂 I didn’t take many pictures but I managed to send out this quick shot when friends asked for it:

Looks appetizing, right? {I’m not offended if you don’t think so – I’m learning to take photos still}

If you have never had jalapeno poppers before, I highly suggest making them right. now. They are amazing and worth every calorie. They can be grilled, broiled, baked in the oven, and frozen! My friends’ husband, Andrew, introduced these to me years ago and I have loved them ever since.  This is how we make them:

My Ingredients:
jalapenos, cut in half with seeds removed
cream cheese
slices of thick cut bacon cut in half

My Steps:
1) Take one half of your jalapeno and slather cream cheese inside it.(I don’t like my overfilling with cream cheese but I do pack it in and then level it off.)
2) Once it’s filled with cream cheese, wrap a half slice of bacon around it.
3) Use toothpicks to secure the bacon in place.
4) When ready to cook, place the cream cheese side down onto the grill or pan and cook for 5-8 minutes (or until bacon is at your preferred crispness) and then flip.
5) Continue cooking for another 5-8 or until the bacon is to your preferred crispness.

A few tips we learned along the way: our cooking method, heat temps, thickness of bacon, and whether we make them fresh or frozen vary our cook time so we also watch them and flip when the bacon is crispy. The reason we put the cream cheese side down first is because the cream cheese often flows out during the second half of it’s cooking. And finally, when we pull them out of the freezer and pop um under the broiler, we cook them (cream cheese side down 1st) for 10 minutes, flip, and cook for 4-5 minutes.

If you haven’t tried these, please make them soon! If it sounds delicious to you, you will not be disappointed! I will also post the jalapeno pizza bites soon, but for now you can should try these pizza bites – they were my guide/inspiration for jalapeno pizza bites!


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